Stephen King on set for first day of ‘Dome’ season two

stephen king the dome

The second season of “Under the Dome” brings Stephen King back to Wilmington. Production is expected to travel between Wilmington, Burgaw and Southport as filming continues through July.

3 thoughts on “Stephen King on set for first day of ‘Dome’ season two

  1. Being a huge fan of both Stephen King and filmmaking, this article grabbed my attention immediately. But the fact that it is being shot in Wilmington was the big seller. Not only is it great publicity for the city but also great for the show. Filming in North Carolina gives a feeling of being at home even when you may not be. I have watched the show and although I am not a fan, I have unlocked a new perspective. It is tough not to watch a show when it is filmed in your city.

  2. I had no idea that this was shot in Wilmington! There are so many shows that are filmed downtown, but this article caught my eye because i love Stephen King, and his books. I have never watched this show, because to be honest I had no idea it existed, but now I am definitely going to catch up on it.

  3. I love Stephen King. This is awesome that he is back in the city filming. It is so cool and inspiring how the coast is known and demonstrated for its film aspects.

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